John Moran Educational - Trust Making financial awards to support the entry into higher education

The Trust gives bursaries of up to £1,000 per year to deserving students, often for the duration of their course. There’s no catch: all the money is free and none of it has to be paid back. Please note, however, that if you change course or otherwise interrupt your studies, the Trust reserves the right to review your award.

Sounds good… but who qualifies?

In order to qualify for an award, you must:

  • Have lived in the Merseyside area for at least three years prior to application
  • Have (or be in the process of applying for) a place at a higher education establishment
  • Eligible to receive the maximum maintenance grant based on a household income of £25,000 or below

 Before making an application, you might want to read over the profiles of students we’ve given awards to in the past. Student Profiles


Application process

The application process couldn’t be easier and consists of two simple steps:

  • First, fill in the application form. This can be downloaded here. When it is completed please attach the form to an email and forward to:

  • Second, attend a short interview. . After we’ve received all the applications, we’ll draw up a shortlist of applicants to interview. If you’re invited for interview, we’ll also take up your references at this stage. Interviews will take place in Liverpool, and will be carried out by a panel consisting of a minimum of three Trustees. Interviews will last for around 30 minutes. Before the interview takes place, we will expect you to have prepared at least some notes or, if you prefer, a small presentation, that cover your hobbies and interests, any work you do to help fund yourself, a little about your family background, and your aspirations for the future. We would also like to know why you chose the course you’ve applied for, and what you plan to do afterwards.

Timetable for students applying in 2017

The closing date for applications in 2017 is Friday, 28th April. All applications must be received by 12p.m. that day. If you haven’t heard from us by Friday, 26th May, then, unfortunately, we won’t be calling you for an interview.

Interviews will be held on Saturday 17th June 2017..