John Moran Educational - Trust Making financial awards to support the entry into higher education
Student Profiles

To date the Trust has made awards to forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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Profile one

I am an eighteen year old student from Liverpool living at home with my mum, dad and sister, about to start studying at the University of Oxford.

Prior to this I was educated at Gateacre Comprehensive School where my hobbies included socialising with my friends, walking, reading and going on school trips such as the French Exchange, Duke of Edinburgh and water sports holidays.

Since the age of 16 W.H. Smiths have employed me at weekends. I will continue to work for them during the holidays.

At university I hope to have a go at rowing, badminton, student journalism and get involved in the university politics scene.

Having got good G.C.S.E. grades and 4 As at A level in History, Politics, Geography and Religious Education I gained a place at Oxford to read Modern History, which I have always been passionate about.

Going to Oxford had been my ambition for a long time. However, coming from a family with no previous tradition of higher education and a sister currently at the University of Liverpool, financing my three year course was going to be tough. Together with the demands of tuition fees and accommodation costs and studying in one of the UK's most expensive cities, the cost was almost prohibitive.

I have spent an amazing two years at Oxford making many new friends and taking up a whole range of new sports, such as jogging, fencing and hockey. This year I have become involved in organising my college’s Summer Arts Festival and become a member of the University’s Undergraduate History Committee. I also spent four months studying at Princeton University in the United States as part of a student exchange programme. This was a great opportunity to experience life in a different country, travel throughout the United States and Canada and, of course, to study at one of the United States most demanding and exciting universities. I am currently planning my undergraduate thesis which, at the moment, will be taking me to the medieval village of Conques in the south of France.

Going to Oxford had been my ambition for a long time. Financing my three years course was always going to be tough. The very generous financial help the trust is providing me with is, therefore, immeasurably valuable in the help it has given me towards my accommodation costs and towards my time at Princeton. I cannot thank the trustees enough for granting me this award.

We were delighted to hear that this student had successfully graduated from Merton this year.  This is what he wrote about the help given to him by the John Moran Educational Trust.

‘This should be the thank you note to end all thank you notes, but I’m really stumped to put down in words how much I appreciate the work of yourself and the other trustees.  The award has made my Oxford life so much more fulfilled, so much more exciting, so much more interesting than it would otherwise have been.  I’m simply not sure I would have been able to go without it, and even if I had gone, I imagine I would have been extremely restrained by finance – luckily you guys stepped in and made it all so much easier……’